Taishou Mebiusline

English demo patch

This is the download page for the Taishou Mebiusline English language demo patch produced by Danmei/GalGame. Please check below for screenshots and instructions for installing! :)

Title: Taishou Mebiusline
Original title: 大正メビウスライン
Genre: historical Japan, yaoi, fantasy
Age rating: 15+
Developer: LoveDelivery
Desсription: The game takes place in the Taishou era (roughly 1912-1926), centering on a military student who travels to the capital to join Japan's army during their wars with foreign countries. However, he finds the military's thirst for power threatens to consume even his life...

Translation by snowgoose.
Thanks to binaryfail and Huang Ling Yin for programming help.


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download & install guide

These instructions are for Windows computers only.
If you're using another OS, you'll probably have to use a Windows emulator.

Please read all the instructions carefully and follow all steps exactly as described. I cannot provide any support for this patch as it is not my work and I am not familiar with the project. It's easy so don't worry! :)

1. Set system locale to Japanese.
Control Panel > Region and Language > Administrative > Change system locale > Select Japanese
Click OK. Restart your computer.

2. Download the trial version of TM from www.getchu.com or holyseal.homeip.net. Copy/paste the URL provided below, and use the screenshot to locate the download link.



3.Extract mebius_trial.zip.

4. Delete 大正メビウスライン 体験版.tpm and 大正メビウスライン 体験版.tpm.sig from the plugin folder.

5. Download English patch: tm_trial_eng_patch.zip

download: tm_trial_eng_patch.zip

6. Extract tm_trial_eng_patch.zip to the 大正メビウスライン 体験版 folder and replace the data.xp3 file.

7. Start the game by running the 大正メビウスライン 体験版.exe file.