08.15.2019 Changed layout & reorganized site.


Hi, I'm Rahenna.

loves: Gakuen Heaven, Sailor Moon, MDZS, Love Nikki, Morrowind, Stardew Valley
hobbies: cooking, writing, cross-stitch

My main fandom is Gakuen Heaven, and all of my active sites are related to the GH series. My wife Marfisa and I have completed English translation patches for both the demo and full versions of Gakuen Heaven 2, and we're currently working on a full patch for Gakuen Heaven: Mixed Edition.

I used to be relatively well-known in the online TCG community, and there are many TCGs and TCG-related sites in my archive. They will remain online as a memorial to my long time (but now ended) obsession. :)


Welcome to Heaven :: Gakuen Heaven series translations and information.

Fuck Yeah Gakuen Heaven :: GH Tumblr with project updates, scans, ramblings, etc.

Adults Always Lie :: Sakaki fansite: info, fics, thoughts, gallery.

Doujin Heaven :: Gakuen Heaven doujinshi collection & cover scans.


Fansites: INACTIVE. May update sporadically.

TCG sites: CLOSED. Will remain online as an archive of past activities.


Collections :: Wishlists for various things I collect.

Agony and Rapture :: My unofficial update to the classic Morrowind companion mod.

Taishou Mebiusline :: English patch for demo version of Taishou Mebiusline. Please note that this is not my work, I am simply hosting the file and install instructions.