story, take two

Okay, here's an explanation without rambling, whining, or using the f-word every other paragraph. Honest. Again, I am not guaranteeing that my memory is 100% correct on any of this, but this is certainly better than no explanation at all.

the first half (beware of false endings!)

stuff stuff stuff

At this point, if you've been following Makoto's path by choosing reason for everything, you'll get a choice. (If not, you're automatically rescued by Tetsuo and the story goes on.) Choose reason again to see Makoto's ending, or instinct to be rescued and continue the story.

stuff stuff stuff

Now, I think if you've been following Zenya's path, you'll get a choice here. Choose instinct to see Zenya's ending, or reason to escape him and continue the story.

continuing the main storyline

Congratulations, Youji has managed to avoid being eaten by Makoto and becoming Zenya's sex slave.
Your reward? More angst.