Because you can get there from here.

official stuff

Sweet Pool official site
Well, it is what it is. :D

Nitro+CHIRAL official site
If you want to check out their other BL games. :)


Japanfiles - Sweet Pool soundtrack
Official downloads. You gotta pay for them. :p

ComiComi Studio
A Japanese shop specializing in BL goods. They'll ship internationally, but you need to register for the site, and you have to read a little Japanese in order to git 'er done.


LJ Sweet Pool community
Well, hot damn, it's a LJ comm! The summary of the endings in this post is much more concise than my big long rambling plot thing here. There's a lot of cool content here, so be sure to join so you can see all the protected posts too. So, yeah, I'll be right back in about three hours after I browse a little...

my LJ Sweet Pool entry
I scribbled down a ton of information about SP as we were playing. This is just the source material for this site. ^^b