Hi! This is a little site about the Nitro+CHIRAL BL game Sweet Pool. It's the third and most recent game by the developer, and it seems to be less well known than their other two titles, Togainu no Chi and Lamento. I found out about the game while downloading CG packs from the Aarinfantasy forums, and when I peeked at the art, I knew I wanted to play the game. Or so I thought...

That was about two seven months ago. Thanks to my long-suffering girlfriend Marfisa and her wonderful translations, we've managed to complete everything in the game. I've decided to share our play experience since the plot is complex and interesting. It's also poorly assembled and full of plot holes, but that's a matter for the review.

I'll be honest: this game left me unsatified... and it left Marfisa swearing she'd never touch another Nitro+ title. We're now playing PrincexPrince on the rebound from this dark, violent story. So why make a site for a game we didn't like? It's a bit too long for an index page, so go here for the full story.


December 9 ~ Copied info from my LJ entry over here. Working on non-crack story summaries.
August 29 ~ Home alone = crazy things happen. Created the site. Why am I doing this? XD


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