Sweet Pool has an odd gameplay system. Instead of choosing responses in conversation or actions to take, you choose to act according to instinct or reason. These choices are represented by organic webworks on the screen; I assume that instinct is blood vessels and reason is nerves. Just click the one you want, and away you go! In theory. For some reason, we always had to click a few times...

There's a bunch of stuff to collect - 7 songs, 1 movie, about 80 CGs, several scenes - but you'll get it all if you complete all six endings. They're all pretty easy to get. The "tricky" part about one of Tetsuo's endings is that you have to get the other five endings first before the final choice will appear. Aside from that, there's no sneakiness in the gameplay.

This is a simple guide to getting all the goodies - no plot stuff here!


These are probably not the only ways to get each ending. However, I guarantee that these choices will get you the endings as promised. :D

important! If you're collecting CGs, chances are you're going to end up using the skip function. I recommend not using the "high velocity skip" as it's no faster than regular skip (it just slaps a funky screen on top of the action!) AND it tends to crash the game. Be careful when using regular skip, too, as that also crashed me out a few times. Stop skipping and click through a few lines normally every once in a while to prevent problems.


Tetsuo has four endings, but all four start the same way. Here's the sequence:

reason (prologue)
reason (meeting Zenya)
instinct (taking out the garbage)
instinct (at the burger shop)
instinct (in the bath)
instinct (going to the chemistry room)
instinct (on the roof)
reason (at the front gate)
reason (Zenya's invitation)
instinct (on the roof with Tetsuo)
instinct (after school)
reason (aquarium)
instinct (fight scene)

SAVE HERE. The path splits, but the rest is pretty simple.

red path (2 endings)
- Choose instinct for everything to get one ending.
- Choose instinct for everything EXCEPT the very last choice. Choose reason instead. If you end up on the roof with Tetsuo without choosing reason, you've gone too far. Back up to the final question asked when Youji is thinking and there's a red background.

blue path (2 endings)
- Choose reason for everything to get one ending.
- First, make sure you've seen ALL the other endings. Choose reason for everything. When you fall into the pool, you'll get a final choice that wasn't available before. Choose reason again. (Choosing instinct will get you the same ending as before.)

I'm assuming that the "hidden" ending where you choose reason in the pool is the true ending. Unfortunately, it makes no sense. My vote is for the red path, all instinct, but what do I know?


Makoto's ending is the easiest to get. Just keep jamming on reason for every choice, and you'll get there. Bon appetit? *choke*


Zenya's is very short... I wonder why? :p

instinct (prologue)
instinct (meeting Zenya)
reason (taking out the garbage)
instinct (at the burger shop)
instinct (in the bath)
reason (going to the chemistry room)
reason (on the roof)
instinct (at the front gate)
instinct (Zenya's invitation)
reason (on the roof with Tetsuo)
instinct (after school)
instinct (talking with Zenya)