Sweet Pool doesn't have too many characters, which creates a nice, tight storyline. There's a few other people, but these are the six characters you'll encounter most often.

For now, I'm using the descriptions from my annoyingly long LJ entry about this game, which I wrote before completing it. That's why there's a bunch of speculation mixed in. I'll clean this up later. ^^b

Sakiyama Youji, aka The Main Character, aka YOU

A second-year high school student who should be in his third year. I guess that makes him about 17-18 years old, aka barely old enough to be in this filthy game. He's been sickly all his life and recently spent a long time in the hospital, so he was held back a year.

Youji's parents died in a car accident when he was young, but apparently left enough money to cover his apartment and tuition at a Catholic private school in Tokyo. I don't know if there was enough to cover his hospital bills, as he's constantly stressing about being a burden on his (older, married) sister. Anyway, Youji goes back to school after his long hospital stay, and Really Weird Shit starts to happen...

Shironuma Tetsuo, aka The Cold Guy

A second-year high school student in Youji's class. No one likes him because he's cold and distant, never showing any emotion on his face. Youji especially dislikes him because he used to stare at him all the time (earlier in the year? I don't get how Tetsuo could have been in the same class before if Youji was held back, but whatever).

Tetsuo seems to know something about Youji's "condition" (I'm getting to it, hold on!) but denies knowing anything. I call bullshit. Oh, and Youji always notices a certain sweet smell around Tetsuo which... is important later. So nyah.

Okinaga Zenya, aka The Psycho

A third-year high school student at Youji's school. He does whatever the hell he wants all the time because his father's a former yakuza boss and no one dares to fuck with him. Zenya is seriously messed up in the head and kind of scares me. He's the kind of psycho who talks to people in a singsong voice, then beats the shit out of them.

Zenya definitely knows what's up with Youji, but he's confused by Tetsuo and can't figure out how he fits into the situation. Zenya has a funky "condition" as well, and I'll talk about that later.

Mita Makoto, aka The Normal Kid

A second-year high school student in Youji's class. Makoto is fun, outgoing, and popular, with lots of friends. He's very concerned about Youji's health and is always pestering him to eat. Of course, Makoto is the kind of character who is constantly eating but never gains weight. He doesn't study, either. So far, he seems like a male version of Usagi (Sailor Moon). :p

We haven't seen much of Makoto yet. He doesn't seem to be a very important character, but we're going for his ending, so I'm sure there's more substance there. Hell, he's probably some serial rapist or something, knowing this game. *eyeroll*

Kitani (dunno his first name), aka The Loyal Servant

A former yakuza member who served under Zenya's father. He left the gang when Zenya's father quit as leader, and now he's something of a household servant to the father and son. He picks Zenya up from school every day, something the other students find ridiculous, and everyone steers clear because he looks like a psycho killer.

However! Kitani is probably the kindest person in this game. He's genuinely concerned about Zenya and his condition, he feels incredibly guilty about roughing up Tetsuo (a kid, in his mind), and he worries about Zenya's crazy father constantly. I like this guy. :3

Okinaga Kunihito, aka The Crazy Old Man

Kunihito is a former mob boss who left after a near-death experience (shot to the head) scared the crap out of him. He's completely insane and worships some weird god-thing in the basement of the house, always begging it to "calm your anger" and stuff. As far as I can tell, the "god" is a mummified chunk of meat, but what do I know? Not that a mummified chunk of meat would surprise me at this point. *headdesk*