about this site

So you might be wondering why I bothered to make a site about a game I didn't particularly enjoy. Well... there's a lot of reasons.

- The plot has incredible (but unrealized) potential.
- The premise of the game is incredibly interesting.
- The art is gorgeous.
- The background music is good; the ending songs are great!
- The voice acting is excellent.

But most importantly:
Marfisa took a huge amount of time to read the entire game to me even though she didn't like it. We were both able to fully understand the plot (well, as much as it could be understood). While it seems that this game has sparked interest among English-speaking BL fans, I haven't seen a complete summary of the story anywhere. This could be because one doesn't exist, or it could be because I haven't found it in my own searching.

Getting to the point... Sweet Pool is so heavy on story that it's impossible to appreciate the game as a whole (faults and all) if you can't understand it. But now you can.

And this is a way for me to honor and preserve my girlfriend's hard work. ^_^b

about the game