layout archive

These are screenshots (or images of the JPG or PSP files, in the case of older layouts) of all the layouts I could find on my hard drive and on my backup DVDs. They're sorted by site, and within each site category, roughly by date.

All buttonnails can be clicked to bring up a full sized image. If you do this, you'll notice that I recycle layout styles pretty often. Laziness, but why mess with success?


Layouts for my personal domain. Including the nastiest, oldest one. o.o

moonlight legend & tiny legend

Main layouts and team lounges for Moonlight Legend.

other tcgs

I have an addiction, okay?

vampire killer

A Castlevania fansite featuring huge scans and translations of various information. The first version had a header graphic that I used to change every month, so a few of those are shown here as well.

tcg trade post

Apparently I change layouts more often than I change my underwear.

anime collections

My oldest site, as far as I can remember, was one used to post my anime trading card wishlists and extras. The oldest layout here goes back to 2000, and it's hideous! I've sorted them from oldest to newest - as far as I can tell, anyway.


Various fanlisting layouts. I don't own any fanlistings these days (got tired of the wank) so these are all relatively old.


I was writing this huge, epic Castlevania fanfic, and I made a lot of layouts for the site. Also included: the layout for my current writing site.

random stuff

Various other site layouts.

commercial layouts

Sample websites I created for two (potentially) paid projects. Didn't get the bead shop one (no one had the courtesy to even WRITE BACK after I created the sample!), and the Maidenhead movie guy seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. A shame, because the movie is really good.

requested layouts

A teeny section of layouts I made for other people. The Seventh Sense website was made for the Lone Wolf reader software of the same name. I kept the code extra clean so Dave (the program's creator) could update easily. :3

buried treasure (?)

Stuff that's never seen the light of day. Either it's unfinished, or the websites never "officially" opened. Some good, some bad, and some REALLY bad. *grin*